Theo St. James

Being a previous member of Live Well, my challenge before returning was I had struggled with my right shoulder and overall movement due to an increase in inactivity. I just wasn’t feeling myself and noticing my body become more and more stiff overtime, I knew it was time for a change to i. Fast forward […]


59 years old and a proud father of 5 girls. Suffered a left hemisphere stroke in 2011 whilst running home from work in the city where he was working as head of institutional sales at Barclays Capital. As a result, his speech has been affected and he has limited movement on the right side of […]


Cameron trains 3 times a week at Live Well, his cardio is outstanding because of his history of endurance feats from all kinds of cycling events to the casual weekend rides, to the point that he comments saying he did a ‘small’ or ‘casual’ 50km bike ride, that right that shows how great his cardio […]


I found Chris at LiveWell and he is the best. The first thing I noticed about Chris was that he always had a smile on his face. The next thing I soon realised was his knowledge – he knew his subject. I knew I had found a PT who would help me manage my Parkinson’s […]


After moving to the area two years ago I looked for a gym similar to my old one (offering small group training with a community feel to keep me accountable!), and Live Well was at the top of the list. My goals were to improve my overall strength and lose some centimetres off my midsection.


1. What were some of the challenges you faced before you started at Live Well?I had never trained before in a gym environment. I always struggled with feeling comfortable in a gym environment. I have trained on my own, but never, routinely. So the struggles were, consistent routine training sessions and unguided training routines. I […]


From a life of no exercise, unhealthy eating and occasional alcohol to one of daily exercise, healthy eating & no alcohol (my choice), I have completely reinvented myself and I am heading in the right direction.


You can’t get a more supportive, structured, safe, goal orientated gym that focus on relationships, overall health and improving your personal goal. The trainers are friendly and always happy to answer any questions you have and always ensure a safe workout environment.


I joined about three and a half years ago. I was in a pretty dark place due to other reasons. I was 83 kilos and recovering from a cancer operation. I was feeling pretty low. I was building a house at the time and I drove past and saw the sign out the front – […]


You have your bad days and good ones, as long it’s not to many bad ones, and you make the right choices. Thanks to my trainer Chris for the motivation and help along the way. It’s not all about whom can lift the most weights or is the strongest. At Live Well they work with […]


I had a senior role at a large corporation and I was busy, so busy that I didn’t even notice that I put on over 15 kilograms (over about 3 years)!  Of course I felt the weight but it became the new normal and I just worked around it.  There was no one thing that […]

Caitlin Wallace

I started training with Niall at Live Well one week after a full ACL and MCL Knee Reconstruction. I had torn my ACL a year prior as well so had lost a lot of lower body strength. When Niall asked me what my goal/s were, I said that I wanted to feel strong again! To […]