I had a senior role at a large corporation and I was busy, so busy that I didn’t even notice that I put on over 15 kilograms (over about 3 years)!  Of course I felt the weight but it became the new normal and I just worked around it.  There was no one thing that created the unhealthy body I was now living in – irregular meals, minimal and inconsistent exercise, far too much drinking, eating terrible food at functions and stress, overwhelming stress. I worked long hours, sometimes into the night and on weekends.  At my heaviest I weighed about 85 kilograms and was a size 14 to 16 (I’m 5’8). When I left my job and started in my family business I used the opportunity to start over health-wise.  Food habits changed – I started making my lunch and eating lighter.  I tried to make a healthier choice where I could and avoided takeaway.  Stress was reduced – I was able to manage my time and therefore my life more effectively. No more eating on the run and drinking was no longer ‘a part of my job’.  This made a huge difference.

I joined Live Well and exercise became a priority.  I started training with Live Well about 2.5 years ago on a regular basis (two PT sessions a week).  My trainers pushed me hard and kept me on track both exercise wise and importantly, food-wise. I was held accountable for my fitness & health and there was no hiding!  Since I started training with Live well, I have run 5 half-marathons and a number of other, smaller races.  I’m training for a mini triathlon now.  I’ve lost about 15kgs since training with Live Well and I’ve been at my target weight and size for a few months now (a comfortable size 10-12). My trainer and I now have goals focused around toning and strength and we create programs to challenge me to push myself further.