Over 50s Offer

Over 50s Strong & Fit Intro Offer – 50% OFF

4 Sessions for $97!

For so many of us, ageing is a downward spiral. 

Less energy, more aches and pains, declining mental and physical performance, and a growing list of symptoms and complaints. 

This is so common that we’ve come to accept it as normal. 

We talk about it at our kids soccer games, at parties, and at work as if this downward spiral is just an inevitable part of getting older. 

But there’s a big difference between what’s common and what’s normal. 

And it’s NOT normal to lose so much function as we age!

Live Well is a specialist Personal Training studio located in Bondi Junction and Kogarah led by Industry Experts Matt Mazzaferro and Chris Ward. The boutique studios have a strength and functional space that will allow the friendly coaches to follow the LIFT, SPRINT and PLAY philosophy. This will also ensure the clients receive a 5 star service, BUT also guaranteed results. We don’t sell gym memberships so numbers are capped, to ensure it’s never too crowded and you never wait for equipment.

50% Intro Offer* includes

  • You get four ‘1 on 1’ Personal Training sessions with one of our experienced and friendly coaches.
  • A movement screen and tailored exercise program design to suit your age, injuries and fitness goals.
  • The Personal Training sessions are 30minutes or 60minutes where we show you the best combination of strength, aerobic and mobility exercises needed so you move better and feel younger.
  • During each session, we provide you with dietary support and accountability to get off to a flying start.

All the above for only $97. It’s a great way to get back into training and start feeling stronger and younger.

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One of our friendly Coaches will call you within 24 hours to book in your first session and discuss what you want to achieve.

Congratulations on taking the first and hardest step in your health and fitness journey – we really look forward to meeting you

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Success Stories

Alex lost 15.6kgs in 12 months and now moves like he’s 20 years younger!

During his 8 weeks at Live Well so far, Pete has accomplished the following:

Dropped 3cm from his waist

Gained 3cm on his flexed bicep

Gained 5cm from his upper leg

Gained 4cm from his chest

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