Cameron trains 3 times a week at Live Well, his cardio is outstanding because of his history of endurance feats from all kinds of cycling events to the casual weekend rides, to the point that he comments saying he did a ‘small’ or ‘casual’ 50km bike ride, that right that shows how great his cardio is. Because of this, he is able to handle a high level of work capacity and intensity from a cardio perspective , now the goal is increasing this from a muscular perspective.

Using a giant set structure, Cameron does 6 compound exercises back to back for 4 sets with moderately heavy weight, aiming to increase weight weekly. The main benefits are the total amount of work and time under tension completed in a short period of time, whilst  simultaneously continuing to build his conditioning. Because of how demanding this structure is and  needing to have the ability to recovery from it, this suits Cameron perfectly.

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