1. What were some of the challenges you faced before you started at Live Well?
I had never trained before in a gym environment. I always struggled with feeling comfortable in a gym environment. I have trained on my own, but never, routinely. So the struggles were, consistent routine training sessions and unguided training routines. I did not have the science nor experience of what I needed or how to train.

2. What made you choose Live Well to help with this? 
My partner, referred me to LW, through the owner. And I am glad that I did. I felt comfortable as the gym is a more personal oriented set up. And usually face to face with trainer and trainee situation.

3. How do you feel when you’re training at Live Well?
I feel comfortable and safe in the gym environment. I feel that my trainer understands my needs and cares for my health and abilities whilst in the gym training.

4. What results have you achieved?
My desired results from training was to regain my strength to return to my former rock climbing abilities. Since I have been training with my trainer Pat, I have gained not only my strength back but also but my endurance to maintain my strength for several hours of rock climbing. I have returned to lead climbing with gusto, strength and endurance.

5. How did you achieve the results?
Through consistent and specifically designed training techniques, with Pat my trainer, I have developed a better range of movement in my hips and shoulders, to rock climb with more mobility as well as strength.

6. How do you feel now as a result of this?
I am confident, in my strength and range of movement and I have the endurance to climb for many hours. This has increased my enjoyment of rock climbing , and now I can concentrate on my technique more, instead of struggling with my lack of strength and range of movement.

7. What are your goals in the future?
My goals for the future is to continue to improve my range of movements and maintain my strength and fine tune my rock climbing muscles.

8. What would you say to other people in the community that might be in a similar position that you started in?
Don’t waste your time with group training, get a personal trainer. The results are better tuned to what it is you want to achieve.  Live well, has many trainers to suit your training needs.