Theo St. James

Being a previous member of Live Well, my challenge before returning was I had struggled with my right shoulder and overall movement due to an increase in inactivity. I just wasn’t feeling myself and noticing my body become more and more stiff overtime, I knew it was time for a change to i. Fast forward 13 months later, I ask myself ‘why didn’t I start sooner?’.

After each session, I feel my flexibility and mobility improve, whilst feeling more controlled and confident in my movements, especially my shoulder now that it has gained strength and overall better movement. Another big milestone was when we had worked on my ankles, knees and hips after 4 months consistently, I was shocked by how free and quick I had become on my feet, it was a feeling I hadn’t felt in years, and it felt amazing bringing back old rugby memories.

None of this has been easy, and it still hasn’t been easy. It requires hard work, consistency and patience. But it does compound over time the more I do it and stay accountable for my actions. If my coach notices me slacking off, putting less effort in, being negative, he snaps me out of it, and gets me back on track. This is an absolute critical piece that I love about my training and coach.

The expertise and knowledge that the trainers have in knowing how to help someone move better and feel better is invaluable. I learn something new about the way my body moves and feels after, which translates over to my daily life, work commitments and medical appointments.

I spend the majority of my week in Dialysis and have noticed that these sessions have made me better handle the treatment. If there is one thing I could tell the other patients, it would be to start doing some form of exercise, no matter how small or short it is. The difference in how I feel is profound even though it’s still not easy. Doing all the necessary work at Live Well helps keep my body limber and my joints less stiff, especially when doing my exercises while in Dialysis.

I still have a long way to go, but Live Well lets me know that even though this will be a long journey, it’s achievable if I stay with it.