Keeping The Weight Off!

Keeping The Weight Off!

Weight loss is one thing but keeping it off is just as difficult. It is common for weight gain to occur after weight loss. Stick to these important points to help keep your weight in check. 

  1. Schedule your workouts. 

“Make time” rather than “find time.” If your workouts lean more to “finding time”, then this means that being active ranks in your lowest priorities. This is why you should make sure that you schedule your workouts beforehand so that your workouts are consistent, frequent and efficient. 

  1. Monitor your weight. 

Once you reach your ultimate goal of losing all that excess weight, do not get carried away and throw out your scale. You will need it to monitor your weight regularly but within reason to guarantee that you are not gaining the weight back. 

  1. Meal prep. 

Just like scheduling your workout, making sure that you have all your meals planned ahead will make you less likely to make bad and costly food decisions.

  1. Get adequate sleep. 

Sleeping more is equally as important to eating healthy and exercising. The National Sleep Foundation explains how lack of sleep and increased appetite are interlinked with one another. Apparently, the body regulates two neurotransmitters (ghrelin and leptin) through sleep. If these neurotransmitters are not functioning optimally, you will feel less full and your appetite will increase. 

Conclusion: If you’re looking for life-long results, the way to go is to eat healthy instead of focusing on a diet. Making permanent changes in your lifestyle is a must. 

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