5 Fat Loss Tips from James Clare

5 Fat Loss Tips from James Clare

Here are 5 tips from Fat Loss Nutritionist James Clare. When it comes to fat loss, there are so many people who are confused by everything they read. We always advise people to find someone who they trust, someone who gets results, and then follow the way that they work. I’d like to think that by reading this article or by following the work that we do at LiveWell Personal Kogarah, you see us a valuable source of information that really does work. We continually monitor progress with clients, keep up to date with research and assess every method that we learn about, so that we ensure our results continually improve week by week. Please practice implementation and not just scanning through without action to make a change. Keep in mind that implementing one change a week is a really positive step.

Eat to lose fat, don’t starve yourself 

It is essential to eat enough for your body when you’re trying to lose body fat. If you’re eating a low calorie diet and under your macro nutrient daily targets consistently and not losing body fat, there’s your answer right there. You need to eat more to lose body fat. Your body also needs fuel to perform. 

Surround yourself with likeminded people 

Spending time with people who want different things to you, will always hold you back. Spend time with people who have a likeminded outlook on life and similar goals to you. You’ll find you’ll progress so much quicker, but at the same time you’ll always be challenged and motivated by their drive and passion

Learn how to cook 

People who don’t know how to cook, often eat very bland foods. Fat loss doesn’t have to be boring, especially when you know how to make food taste great. The blander you make food, the worse cravings will be and the sooner you’ll cave into cheat foods and ruin your hard work.

Always know where your food comes from 

Many people have no idea how their food is made, or its source. Poor quality meat and fish litter the shelves of the supermarket. You can source grass fed beef, corn fed chicken and wild fish that are much healthier options. Always do your research. A healthy body, is a leaner body. 

Choose exercises that recruit a larger amount of muscle mass 

Many people who are trying to lose body fat, choose the smaller muscle groups to train. In the foundation phase of fat loss, choose exercises that recruit as many muscles as possible, such as squats, lunges, deadlifts, rowing and pressing movements in order to expend more energy. 

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