A lot of people set unrealistic goals

A lot of people set unrealistic goals. They ask what their goals should be and how long should it take. I don’t care about any of that. It’s gonna take what it takes.

While it sounds vague in light of the promises of other fitness fads, it’s actually the best advice an honest coach will give you. Fitness is a life-long journey that isn’t working if you only do it seasonally.

Getting in shape or reaching ‘your goal’ is easier than you think, but takes longer than you think. That’s where many people go wrong because we’re told the fastest way to success is to increase the intensity as much as possible…
Yet, suffering in a class run off a TV or pounding yourself at the gym is also a sign that you’re doing things your body hasn’t been prepared for. Don’t get me wrong I love a high-intensity workout, it’s one of our core training foundations;


BUT! How long can the greatest sprinter of all time, Usain Bolt sprint for…? 20sec..? 30sec..?

So how do you know the difference between challenging and just don’t do it?

Can you do the exercises without breaking form?
Is the Coach telling you to move faster and push past the pain but you cannot do even the movement in one smooth, controlled motion? It’s tempting to rush through the movement incorrectly, but that skips over the muscle-building we need when done properly. Plus it encourages nasty injuries.
Our Personal Training programs are personally designed for you, to get to advanced strength, but only after taking the time to condition the movements. Consistency over time and the correct coaching will strengthen both your joints and your muscles long term.

Start where you are, not where you want to be
If you aren’t sure which level to start with, have a coach to help guide you through your journey.

Starting at the right level will encourage and energise you with workouts leaving you well-spent and excited for the next session. Exercises should not be easy but doable. Delayed muscle stiffness (DOMS) naturally follows muscle-building, but your joints should not experience any sharp or ongoing pain. If that occurs, you may be doing something for which you haven’t been properly prepared. For this, we say, “Slow down to speed up.”

The coaches at Live Well offer personal training in Kogarah that’s meant to carry you for decades. We aim to ‘make getting old look easy’.
It’s sustainable and customisable. Because we know it’s natural to overestimate what we can do in a few months and underestimate what we can do in a few years, we do our best to place you at the right starting point and pace you accordingly.