5 Tips to Reduce Training Injuries


5 Tips to Reduce Training Injuries

  1. Work with a coach

Our coaches at Livewell Personal Training Kogarah can get you started safely and help you structure a fitness plan based on a clear set of goals, such as muscle building, weight loss, and aerobic fitness. Our qualified trainers can help you avoid many bad habits that affect even the best of athletes, this will allow you to concentrate on technique rather than weight to achieve great results.  


  1. Start Slow and Increase Gradually 

Initially, people usually undertake training with such intensity that is unsustainable. You should start with the moderate exercise of about 20 minutes thrice a week and gradually build on this baseline week by week. You can also determine your baseline intensity level when you use a system called the perceived exertion scale that will gauge your physiological response to exercise. 


  1. Warm-Up Before Exercise 

It’s not unusual for people to jump straight into weight training or a treadmill run without a warm up. Warm-ups should be specific to the task you will be performing. For example, a warm up for a squat should be a squat. 


  1. Never Work Out on Empty 

Eat two hours before with the right foods so that you can ensure you have the fuel to move. The same principle applies to hydration. Try to drink 400-600mL of water two hours before working out and make sure to take additional sips of water throughout to replace any lost fluids. 


  1. Listen to Your Body 

While a workout can be hard, it can sometimes cause you pain. There are different ways you can help manage this.You could lower the weights or modify the exercise subtly which targets similar movements/muscles. Wait until your body adapts to the stress. If you are sick with a cold or flu, don’t try to place additional stress on your body. Remember that overtraining can be just as harmful to your body as to when you do not train enough. 

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