The Life-Changing Words That Help You Lose Weight!

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With all the available information about healthy eating, it may seem strange that obesity is an increasingly prevalent problem. Yet most of the information we absorb through the media has a commercial sub-text – corporations pushing to sell products will tell us what we want to hear. Some companies specialize in weight-loss meals, so their message is even stronger and more compelling, despite the products not actually working unless you meet some stringent conditions.

Motivation is another weight-loss challenge – it can be disheartening to consistently eat weight-loss shakes and diet snacks only to remain the same weight or gain even more. Also, in a society obsessed with visual images, our weight is strongly linked to our self-esteem. So someone struggling with a weight problem can feel like a failure or simply choose to deny the problem.

So what finally motivates someone to lose weight? In my 8 years experience as a fitness professional, there are two words that can help someone become focused and motivated, so they can genuinely begin working towards healthy weight loss and regain their fitness and self-esteem.

Ask yourself “why” you want to lose weight. You’re not doing this to conform to other people’s standards – you are doing it for yourself. Don’t wait until you develop a serious health issue. It is a lot easier to stay motivated about weight-loss if you know why you intend to lose weight.

Then ask yourself “how” to lose weight. Rather than relying on gimmicky, short-term commercial solutions, speak to your doctor, local nutritionist or fitness professional and develop an action plan that connects with your ‘why’.

Matthew Mazzaferro
Live Well Health & Fitness Studio