I thought I would never get in this situation…

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Over the past 9 years as a business owner in the fitness industry I’ve encountered many great clients that were and still are successful business owners or professionals that would mention in their initial consult that they have let their health and fitness go due to the lack of time and stress from work and family commitments.

At the time personally I would think in my head I would never allow myself to get in that position. No matter how successful my business becomes or when I have wife and 5 kids!

The past year has been crazy! We opened a 2nd facility, we made many great changes to Live Well, I battled the Sydney property market and bought an apartment, I got married, I took on a part time consulting role for a global fitness coaching company, slowly with a friend developing a social health & fitness APP and recently have launched an allied health department servicing both facilities and Medical Clinics across Sydney.

As the business owner I was leading the charge on all fronts! Re-reading the previous paragraph makes me shake my head!

Then “BAM!.. I hit a wall. Things get “stuck.”

I was first leading the initial charge and then I get overwhelmed with all the “things” I have to do in order to continue growth and very quickly I found myself well in over my head. What got me to this point has now made me a prisoner of my own making. I was doing all kinds of work IN and ON the business, working harder (and longer hours than I ever have), and yet things weren’t improving.

Then all areas had become a grind. I was starting to lose hope. The whispers in the back of my mind (or screams loudly) that things were easier a year ago! Is this really worth it… I was stuck in between a rock and hard place.

I stopped and thought what personally had changed…

The major thing was I was no longer training! I wasn’t following a plan, I had nothing to train for! The simple systems I had learnt and preached to all our greats clients, I was no longer doing this myself.

I thought this was due to a lack of time. Which is crap! Don’t make excuse make time.

How I overcame this state of feeling like crap:

Step 1: Got my calendar and blocked out time for everything. Travel, meals, work meetings, PT’s, downtime etc.. Yes I also included my own training. It’s an amazing exercise to do.

Step 2: I put together an exercise plan

Step 3: Kept myself accountable by sharing it with a love one.

Step 4: Happy days.

2 weeks later after training 4 times per week, I feel laser focused mentally & physically.

If you feel like you’re stuck in rut like I was, don’t give up and don’t be afraid to get yourself out of it. It may be a struggle, but with the right support network anything is possible.

For information on how I turned things around or if need someone to help keep you accountable drop me an email and I would be more than happy to help. Even if its 30min phone call a week.

Be awesome,

Matt Mazzaferro
Managing Director
Live Well Health & Fitness Studio
9587 4100

Matt Mazzaferro has an unrelenting passion for supporting and helping people