A Soda Drink With ZERO Sugar! It Sounds Like Magic…

A soda drink with ZERO SUGAR! It sounds like magic…

What if there was a product or service that once you consumed it you were hooked for life?

The billion dollar soda industry has billions of people hooked on their products. However, the general public has become aware of dangers these products have on our health. This has caused them to lose a share of the market. But this billion dollar industry didn’t allow that to happen for too long.
They then introduced “diet” products that claimed to have less sugar and calories… Then they went even better and introduced zero sugar and zero calorie products. A soda drink with ZERO SUGAR! It sounds like magic!
Well not magic, just very very smart. Yes, these soda drinks have zero sugar and zero calories but are replaced with aspartame which is an artificial sweetener. A sweetener that has also faced controversy in recent years. Many have claimed that aspartame is actually worse for your health. Like sugar, aspartame stimulates your appetite for other sweet foods and throws off your body’s ability to accurately estimate the number of calories you consume. It can cause headaches, dizziness, depression and long effects are Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

At Live Well Health and Fitness Studio in Kogarah, we are passionate about helping people fight the addiction of soda drinks as we feel it’s the modern day cigarettes. It’s a tough road to quitting, but with the right support system and accountability, anything is possible.

Matthew Mazzaferro