I’ll Start Tomorrow…

But what if there is no tomorrow…

Would you agree with me the average person over the age of 40 has lost track of their health and fitness, due to work, family and other various commitments? Some middle aged people may realise this and attempt to do something but then fail. Where others just accept defeat and turn into the unconditioned person they thought they would never become.

The sad thing is it takes either a personal or family health scare to make them take action.

Being a health professional for over 11 years and owning Live Well Health & Fitness Studio in Kogarah, I’ve met these people on a regular basis and hear the same challenges.

“I used to be fit when I was young, I played football/netball, went to the gym, then work got busy we had kids etc…”

We understand the challenges the middle age person faces and we have helped hundreds of them regain control of their health and fitness so they’re laser focused and full of energy. It’s amazing seeing the positive changes this makes to their family and work, which was once a burden.

If we go back to talking about averages, it takes the average person 6-9 months to take action when they know they need to do something to improve their health. Imagine the difference you could make to your health in 6-9 months. Imagine how better you could support your family.

There is no better time to start than today.

– Matthew Mazzaferro