The 3 diet hacks that seem to work for EVERYONE…

I’d like to start the sentence with ‘I have a secret’, but I would be lying to you. There is no magic pill, secret recipe, or even a leprechaun that slaps food out of your hand you know you shouldn’t be eating.

We have a basic system in place that incorporates flexibility, sustainability and accountability. With these three very important principles Live Well in Kogarah has continued to be the leader in helping members of the local community reach their goals, whether it be weight loss, muscle gain, or maintaining their general health.

Flexibility in food choices has allowed for our members to still enjoy social situations without feeling restricted. By using a food diary we help our members dissect their eating habits, and you know what? We find that most people are under-eating! You read it right, most people don’t eat enough food, and more importantly protein, which can help you feel fuller for longer and is the building blocks of cell tissue. A prime example would be Steph who has lost over 21kg with one of the consistent factors being a food diary that is updated weekly.

Sustainability is huge! If you can’t sustain it, how can you maintain it? We don’t make wholesale changes, tell you to go on juice cleanses, drink meal replacements or cut entire food groups. We teach the importance of making smarter choices that you can enjoy over a lifetime, and not just until you reach your goal. Alex is living proof that this is achievable having lost over 20kg whilst running a successful business and maintaining an active social life.

Accountability is the final piece of what some people think is a difficult puzzle. Being held accountable for your actions through communication helps breakdown that feeling of running a long-distance race without a support crew. Feedback on the run is important as we know you don’t live a perfectly run life and we treat everyone as an individual and take all circumstances under consideration. Sick? Stressed? Working nights? It all matters and we take it into account when giving you advice and the best ways to handle it. Holding Johnny accountable for his actions leading into his holidays has seen him drop over 5kg and feeling better in his clothes.

There it is ladies and gentlemen, the three magic tricks that aren’t really magic that have helped Steph, Alex, and Johnny drop weight. These are the simple steps we employ on a daily basis to help our members achieve their goals and continue to enjoy a high quality of life.

Chris Ward
Personal Trainer
Live Well Health & Fitness Studio