“I’m Just Too Busy To Exercise”

Heard that before?

It’s a common reason as to why people struggle with their weight loss goals. A professional man or woman has a hectic schedule. Not to mention often a family to look after and feed. But I’m just too busy to exercise more… or at all.

At Live Well Kogarah, when we have someone come to us for the first time and explain their situation we like to do two things:

1) Identify their goals with health and fitness
2) Discover ways to to manage exercise within their lifestyle and create an action plan

For many of us, we can identify that work is a top priority. Family is a top priority. But after that, a lot of people choose to use their time (and each their own, don’t get us wrong) on things that don’t help them move forward in life. Too many hours in front of the TV for one. Binge-watching a series on Netflix (usually accompanied by a bag of chips, correct?). Too many hours playing video games. Too many hours playing on mobile phones and social media. Socialising every night (and especially if it’s accompanied by a few drinks). It’s the typical week for the typical full-time worker and family person.

It’s important to balance things you enjoy and things you find fun. Noone is saying completely exclude them, but moreso limit the time on each. When we manage our time more efficiently, we open up a lot more free time. It’s all about priorities. What do you prioritise in life? What do you value?

If you prioritise your health, you’ll find a way to modify your schedule to allow for it. Otherwise it will bite you on the bum eventually. You’ll end up sick, tired, lacking energy, at a higher risk of diseases and in extreme cases, heart attacks. At such a point, all you’ll be doing is laying in a hospital bed wishing you could’ve done something about it. Well, you could’ve… and you can.

So what I want you to take home from my blog today is to really look over your schedule. What’s a non-negotiable necessity, and what can be sacrificed?

It’s an investment to yourself and to your future. For people that have a large family and consider themselves “family people”, wouldn’t you agree that your health is on the top of their priority lists? Why wouldn’t it be on yours too?

Just like good nutrition/training/sleep are the main three elements to a person’s health and fitness success, sacrifice is just as much a part of that as well.

Simon Jeremy
Studio Manager
Live Well Kogarah