Pros and Cons of Working Out on an Empty Stomach

Being that I work a lot of mornings shifts at Live Well and train people at the crack of dawn many days, I encounter people that train in fasted states more often than not. But is there any science to exercising on an empty stomach? Is it a bad thing or can it be proven as beneficial to one’s fitness goals?

I’ve listed some simple pros and cons that may apply to you:

* easier on the digestive tract
* can have a positive effect on the mind and improve mood throughout the day
* you’re likely to increase fat loss results

* your energy level and performance in the gym may not be optimal
* you’re likely to increase muscle catabolism (muscle loss)
* it doesn’t promote sustained fat burning long-term

Always apply what’s best for you and your goal, and for your lifestyle. Always consult with your trainer for the most specific answer to your situation and what’s in your best interest. It’s often as simple as having a small meal before the session, so you don’t feel bloated and dragged down. In turn, you reap the benefits of a higher energy level and increased strength.

Simon Jeremy
Live Well Health & Fitness Studio, Kogarah