Losing The Battle

The treatment of chronic disease in Australia costs the public billions per year.

Why does this matter…?

Most cases can be prevented!

As a nation, we continue to spend the majority of our time, money, resources, and effort on treating disease after it has already occurred.

Do you do the same with your motor vehicle?

No, you get it serviced 1-2 times per year, rather than running it to the ground. Then having spent a ton of money trying to fix it or selling it and buying a new one.

Your body is not replaceable, you can’t trade it in or buy a new one.

Shifting your mindset to a healthy lifestyle that is more aligned to our primal ancestors – eat natural foods and moving more has the potential to change and save your life.

The fear of taking the first step is always the hardest, I would feel the same if I had to try and fix or service my motor vehicle. That’s why teaming up with a health professional to guide, support and most importantly keep you accountable will make the whole process more effective and most importantly enjoyable. Yes, trust me that eat healthily and moving more is fun.

It’s never too late or early.

– Matt Mazzaferro