Your Mindset – What You Need To Know

Mindset is at least 50% the key to success. We all know that exercise is good for us and can help us achieve better health and fitness.

But did you know that your mindset can make a bigger difference in how it affects you better your health and fitness?

No matter what your goal is:

– To lower your body fat percentage
– To increase muscle definition
– To lower your blood pressure
– To improve your mobility

This can happen without slamming yourself for hours and hours in the gym.

Our beliefs and our awareness, our mindset, can have a significant impact on our bodies and our health.

This means that how we perceive the task at hand, the words we use to talk about it, not just to others but the little voice in our head. How we assign meaning to what we’re doing, and the intention behind it all matters.

How can you put this to use in your own life?

– Be prepared to take the leap of faith
– Find yourself an accountability buddy, not only to keep you accountable but to believe in you
– Practice gratitude and appreciation for what physical movement you can do, rather than focusing on what you can’t do
– Learn more about the benefits of the activities you do. For example, if you do yoga, read up on the research supporting it’s effects
– Set an intention for health and well-being before you exercise or move your body, and try to stay connected to this throughout the activity
Last but not least, trust the process

Matt Mazzaferro