Ensuring Balance With Your Exercise Routine

In the fitness world, results often take time. It doesn’t happen overnight. Whilst some lose weight quicker than others, there’s one common trend that must be taken into consideration along the way. During the process and during the at times, “grind”.

What I’m referring to is the balance we adopt. Everyone’s lives are different. Whilst some are heavily involved socially and/or with family, or have a time-demanding hobby, others may be more available with time outside of work. But if we focus too heavily on one thing – be it our time in the gym, or time away from it – the balance will affect our different states of health.

We all aim to be physically healthy, but what’s often neglected is our mental health.

Repetitively doing the same thing can often cause resentment. Let alone boredom. So if we relate that to fitness, ask yourself a few simple questions:

When was the last time you updated your workout program?
When was the last time you tried a new exercise you’d never done before?
When was the last time you asked someone for advice?

You see, when we try to hold things in and don’t let anyone into our lives, we’re sending ourselves down a dangerous path of increased stress. The potential for a plateau is also increased if you’re constantly doing the same thing over and over.

To be active, you don’t always have to exercise inside of a gym. You can go for long walks in your neighbourhood, you can go to the beach for a swim, you can join a social sporting group, you can do workouts at home even. So an ideal mix of the two would be do say 2-3 workouts in your gym each week, whilst doing 1-2 leisurely activities on the other days.

There should be a feeling of wanting to go to the gym, not having to go to the gym.

The biggest factors for results with your fitness, is consistency and enjoyment. Those who enjoy what they do, will tend to work harder. Combine that with consistency via that exact enjoyment, will lead those to achieve greater results.

But you have to find that enjoyment yourself. Nurture that activity and learn as much about it as you can.

Comment below on some ways that you manage your balance with your exercise routine.

– Simon Jeremy (@simonjeremyfitness)