Change Is Good

Exercise and technology has advanced the way we think about our lifestyles. Nowadays, there’s an app on our phones for almost anything you can think of. From tracking calories, to tracking workouts, to even online coaching services, the options are endless when it comes to how you want to program your fitness to suit your busy life.

Today I wanted to touch on the different ways all these tools can be seen as a good thing. Rapidly evolving technology often gets a bad wrap, but it’s implemented based on user demand and constant feedback.

I want to focus on 3 things separately. All of these can immediately improve your results and bust through plateus.

1. Do you want to track calories you eat through the day? Download MyFitnessPal on your phone from your marketplace. The database on it has literally thousands of different food products for you to search. All you have to do is find the portion size. It calculates and tallies everything for you on the spot with useful info and graphs to show you where you’re low. For those who aim to eat low-carb, you’d be surprised to see how easily carbs can add up over the course of a day…

Gone is the old school method of writing things down on paper and whipping out the calculator!

2. Mix up your workout routines. The body adapts very quickly to the same old tired workout, so it’s crucial that you constantly challenge your body using different intensifiers. Intensifiers involve dropsets, supersets, giant sets, strip sets etc. FOr more specific info on how to implement these, feel free to approach our staff at reception. As a member, always ask ask ask. The hands-on approach we have at Live Well is part of the reason why so many people get fantastic results. Your app marketplace also has a ton of workout creators, if you’re ever needing extra ideas and creativity.

3. Take a step back and look at your social circle or people who influence you daily. Fill your life with positive personalities and people who inspire you to be proactive and to keep growing. Having the correct mindset is another vital element people overlook. Do certain people cause you too much headache? People drain your energy emotionally? Cut these things out and watch your workout intensity improve as well, interestingly enough. Do you spend too much time on Facebook arguing with strangers for example? Social media has been proven to be one of the more distracting and time-wasting hobbies there is.

– Simon Jeremy
Live Well Health & Fitness Studio