Why do we exercise?

It seems like a fairly basic question; what makes us get out of bed and go to the gym, or go for a run, or ride the bike. What is the driving force and thought process which leads us to make these positive lifestyle choices?

The very first question we always ask prospective new clients, and one we often refer back to with our long term clients is “What are your goals?”
Often these are short or medium term targets a client has in mind which they would like to achieve. For example; “I want to lose 5kg”, “I want to do a 50kg squat”, the list of goals we have heard goes on and on.

However what I want to do is go past these specific goals and look at the underlying reasons our clients choose to exercise.
Recently I, along with the other Live Well coaches conducted a survey asking “Why do you exercise?”
We gave a number of different options or allowed clients to state their own reasoning. Interestingly the most common response by a long way was ‘Health and Well Being’.
I know what you’re thinking…..’Health and Well Being’ could mean a lot of different things to different people. This is very true so being the inquisitive person that I am I delved a little deeper and asked for a bit more information.

I asked clients if they considered exercise more important for their physical health or mental health and the majority lent towards mental health being more important. This was interesting and perhaps an indication of the boutique nature of our studio; yes we help people make physical changes and achieve physical body goals but our coaching does not stop there. We pride ourselves on our ability to help our clients with all facets of their life including their mental health.
So when our clients tell us they exercise to help their ‘Health and Well Being’ we know that this subheading incorporates a whole number of different facets of life and this is what gives our clients the drive to exercise; to holistically improve their health and their life.

“I exercise for the mental health benefits and building a stronger body as I get older.”
– Georgina

“I started exercising to get my weight down and to become heart healthy, as there is a strong genetic link to heart disease in my family. After the weight came down I realised that I love the feeling that exercise gives me. Exercise gives me a sense of strength; also allows me the ability to step away from my problems for that time and zone into the knowledge that I am doing something great for my head and for my body.”
– Sophie

“I exercise to keep my muscles active and strong and to help my mental health through the release of endorphins”
– Joe