The 30 Day Mental Strength Challenge

With all the craziness going on in the world, it can be a challenge to push aside all the negativity and fear. Today, you’ve chosen to FIGHT BACK. Your objective is to become assertive, confident and mentally strong. LET IT BE KNOWN, that you’re more resilient than ever before. No more Mr. Nice Guy.

Mentally strong people tend to be extremely committed to the discipline and craft that they’re pursuing. They welcome the pressure. They do not fold in the face of turbulent circumstances. Conversely, they view it as their playing field. It’s something they’ve conquered countless times.

“Life is a pressure cooker and whether you remain serene or become stressed-out depends on how you handle that pressure.”— Kevin Leman 

Being mentally strong should never be associated with one facet of life. Your goal should instead be to incorporate this new-found, yet developed trait in you into being mentally strong in life.

A great way to do so can be through the power of sports. What you need is to challenge yourself and to test the murky waters. Challenge yourself physically and let this translate into other aspects of your life. I have a great challenge for you.

Every gym split usually involves three to five workouts per week. It’s quite rare to find someone who consistently trains more than five times a week over a long period of time. People are just too inconsistent and they let their environment and external problems dictate the rhythm of their week and it ends up getting in the way of having them meet their true potential.


Work out every single day for the duration of next month. Stay active. Lift weight, run, jog and sprint. Register in a fitness class, or a recreational team sport. This can be yoga, zumba, dancing, circuit training, muay thai, crossfit, rugby, baseball, basketball, or football. This can be anything that you’ve once considered doing, but for some reason didn’t in the first place, or stopped pursuing completely.

The intention of implementing a daily routine for you to stay active is to get you out of your comfort zone. Your intention should never be to redline the body. This will do you more harm than good. Be smart about it.

So, instead of taking rest days twice a week (or more), do something that will stimulate your mind and body. This can also be something as simple as brisk walking, or stretching. Surely, you’ll be gaining a myriad of benefits from being active every single day, but that is something that you should consider a byproduct. Your main goal is to harden the mind and become more resilient. I’ll leave you with one of my favourite quotes ever that demonstrates how difficult it is to become mentally stronger if you’re always in your comfort zone.

“It’s tough to get out of bed to do roadwork at 5 am when you’ve been sleeping in silk pajamas.”— Marvin Hagle

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