Setting Realistic Expectations

We live in a society of instant gratification. We want it now. We want it, and we don’t want to necessarily work hard for it either.

Sound familiar?

In an age where information is at our finger tips and things can be bought, not necessarily earned, it’s natural for some to have unrealistic expectations when it comes to fitness results and what’s actually required to achieve an outcome.

The TV tells us one thing, the magazine says another, then social media says something completely opposite, then you have your friend that always has an opinion for everything, who to listen to? It can seem very confusing.

But with health and fitness, one thing is always true – you get out what you put in. With your training, your food, your lifestyle habits. It all counts. If one of those three things aren’t being executed, the other two often don’t matter.

Results take time. Especially major transformations. But if we don’t change who we are as people, from the inside out, transformation will NOT take place.

For some it’s months, for others it’s years. And that’s what makes it all the more sweet.

We must sacrifice along the way. We must fail. We must learn. We must adapt. We must change. We must be patient. We must be positive.
Do not compare yourself to others. You can indeed take inspiration from others, but your journey is not set. You’re the creator.
Comparison to others leads to misery.

Compare yourself to YOU, and YOUR yesterday.