Reverse The Ageing Process

As we journey through life our bone and muscle density deteriorates.

That journey leads to Osteoarthritis. Which is one of the most common causes of disability in Australia.

Lifting Heavy Things can delay the ageing process.

Brief, intense exercise sessions involving functional, full-body movements support muscle development and delay ageing. Depending on your goals and fitness levels, but generally, 1-2 sessions of lifting per week can slow down and in time reverse the ageing process.

The sessions must be done in a controlled and safe manner. Once a solid base foundation is developed adding intensity to the sessions can maximise the results.

Being a fitness professional since 2006 I’ve experienced a lot of people over 50 and 60 years old that just walk to “keep fit” were, in fact, finding strength training so much more important. When they’re walking most days what they’re actually doing is encouraging the burning of muscle, which speeds up the ageing process.

Once you change your way of thinking and start a strength program, not only will you feel stronger physically and mentally you’ll also notice a dramatic change in your outlook on life.
As we all fear the thought of ageing, we can’t stop the years ticking by, but what we can stop is the decline in our quality of life.

Here’s to ageing awesome!

– Matt Mazzaferro