Resistance Training vs Steady State Cardio

Resistance Training vs Steady State Cardio

How do we rate resistance training vs steady cardio training? 

My personal experience with resistance training has been an amazing journey. When I first started I began noticing my body composition was changing within the first six months. I was an inexperienced lifter back in the day, and I admire all those fitness models in fitness magazines.

At the same time, the fitness industry was also promoting light-intensity steady cardio for fat loss.

After a few years of lifting heavy weights, I came to realize that the best way for me to lose a few pounds of body fat was to clean up my nutrition and manage my recovery after each workout. I was never a big fan of steady cardio. There seemed to be no use for me because I only weighed 65kg and I had difficulty gaining muscle.

However steady state cardio training does have its benefits!

Research also shows steady cardio has many benefits for the overweight and obese. A simple exercise like walking 20-30min a day can promote cardiovascular health, increase joint mobility, and can definitely reduce body fat.

So how do we design programs that fit the general population? 

As an experienced coach, I can honestly say there’s no shortcut or perfect program.

Even for me, my own personal program often changes because of the lack of stimulus.

Increasing and changing the stimulus helps with the progression of resistance training. If you want to see proper results, your program should change every 4-6 weeks; we need variety to stimulate our nervous system. 

As an example, I often encourage my Pilates clients to start some sort of resistance training. They always asked if we have Pilates, why do we have to lift weights?

I tell them ‘I’m sure you feel the difference after a session of weight training.’

There are so many studies and research on resistance training.

The benefits of resistance training can change your life.

Here is an example of my weekly resistance training routine and additional on every other day:

MONDAY: Full body

WEDNESDAY: Full body

THURSDAY: Yoga and Pilates

FRIDAY: Full body

Every day: Mobility exercises

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