Making Meals vs Eating Out!

The pandemic is slowly coming to an ease, though it seems. Restaurants are seating 10 people and doing takeaway and are deemed as essential. You are feeling peckish whilst doing a project at home. 

You tell yourself: “I’m hungry, but I don’t have the time to cook!”. “Healthy food is too expensive; I can’t afford groceries!”. “I’ve also been working all day, I’m tired and not motivated!”

 So, you hop into the car, and head to the nearest Oporto for a little snack.

I have news for you sir/madame!!

Consider the time it takes to travel to a restaurant, wait for a meal (and dessert) (sedentary in your car too!), waiting for the bill and the drive home. All that effort, for something that is certainly not healthier or cheaper. Cooking can save you time if you make excess food and have adequate preparation. An example would be, if you boxed your home-made – chicken, favourite vegetables, and your portioned carbohydrates into meals (portioned and ready to go!), you would be set for the week! 

Healthier foods are not necessarily expensive either. I am not talking about the crazily priced health foods which you get at the health store, I’m talking about whole foods! Additionally, buying food in bulk or buying from a local market will save you a fair bit compared to big supermarket chains.

Most importantly, do consider the societal health related costs which can be even more expensive!

In terms of motivation and tiredness. Hunger is a key motivational factor for humans. Once you go hungry, you go crazy! A quick meal such as preparing quality, high fibre pasta with a lean protein and vegetables (10 minutes to cook…), blending a shake, or microwaving your home cooked meals is simple. 

Adding in fruit and nuts to provide variety and hopefully this will motivate you to make healthier choices.

All in all, food is very simple! You must be conscious of your efforts. Be mindful of what you are eating and the quality of your foods.

Yours in good health,

Coach Allan.