I joined Live Well 3 years back wanting to tone my body, get fitter and make a lifestyle change to have the best future I could. However, I was too comfortable with the lifestyle I lived. While I always trained hard and pushed myself with the support of the great trainers I didn’t change my bad food habits. Over the last few months I decided enough was enough and to reach the goals I had placed for myself, something had to give. I pushed myself harder than I had before. I cut out all fatty foods from my diet, I was not consuming any sugar and promised myself that I would train at least 4 times a week. I have stuck to that and with the support of Simon and the rest of the team have seen fantastic results. In a month I lost a crazy 8.4kg due to the lifestyle adjustments I made and I could not be happier. This the best shape I have been in not only body wise, but fitness wise, my whole adult life. As long as you push yourself, and have a great support system, you will achieve the goals that you want.