I started this journey 14 months ago for my health. I thought it was just physical health, but I learned it was so much more. Like everyone else at Live Well I was busy with lots of people. My husband, my children, my mum, friends, my work – which is all about people, supporting them, helping them, nurturing them. But somewhere along the line I stopped nurturing me. And I didn’t care about what or how much I ate or how I felt. And when the weight started coming off I had to learn to push back a bit and nurture ME, and that was really hard. The energy shifted and a lot of people responded well, and others resisted. So I had to learn to get stronger and more resilient. And Simon Jeremy was the person to give me that support.

He knew that I could do it, even when I doubted myself. I had been so overweight for so long that I just accepted that was how it was going to be… But I learned that I could lose weight, and get strong and fit, and that it requires persistence, and consistency and support and a little bit of selfishness too. That was the hardest thing! But in order for me to nurture others I had to nurture me and feel good about myself first. So physically my health has improved, but more than that my emotional and mental health has improved. I could not have done it on my own. My trainer, Simon, has been without question the person who I am grateful to.

The Live Well community are all amazing – individually with personal stories of courage and strength that inspire me. All the trainers are on a mission to change the world – one unhealthy person at a time. Thank you for that! It wasn’t a case of IF I got sick, but WHEN. The weight loss made me a winner. The award was the icing on the cake. I am honoured and humbled and surprised and I am so grateful that I stumbled across Live Well. You have saved my life xx