When I joined the Live Well gym team 6 months ago I was looking for somewhere to go after work to make myself feel better about my body and to lose some excess body fat and to meet new people. I went from being 95kgs to 82kgs and I’m feeling better each day. I was a bit round but now I’m happier and more fit than ever. I walk everyday, I watch what i eat, I always give 110% all the time and I try my best to master new workouts. I feel better each day and I feel proud of myself every day wanting to tone my body, get fitter and make a lifestyle change to have the best future. I cut sugar out of my diet, I don’t drink soft drinks (only water or protein shakes). As long as you push yourself, and have a great support system, you will achieve the goals that you want. Matthew, Simon and Chris made me feel wonderful and treated me like a part of the team. Photo: Luckman (left), Tom (centre), Vishal (right)