I first started personal training in 2015 with Simon Jeremy once a week, eventually beginning another session in 2017, with a focus on improving my fitness level as well as weight training. I started out, as all newcomers do to, with little to no knowledge of any exercises or how to operate gym equipment. I was thirteen at the time, and begun personal training with a negative mindset. “It felt as if a gym wasn’t for me, or my age group.” I remember saying, recalling the troubles I was having before starting my workouts. I didn’t consider myself the athletic type, and never did activities outside of school sports.

As time went on, my confidence and trust in this new found hobby was found, thereby helping my mood improve at the end of a week. As a tentative beginner at a gym, it was a huge benefit for me to have personal training to familiarise myself with the equipment for later in life. My grandparents, Greg and Elaine, who are also clients of the Live Well community, recommended the establishment to me, and I tentatively took up their suggestion. I went along with them to try out some of the equipment. Anybody who is looking to join Live Well, but is held back by constraints, such as age, should not worry, as the Live Well team will cater to your specific needs, and as time goes on will slowly increase the intensity of the workouts for your ever-growing needs. Over the past few years, I have proven to myself that a gym isn’t place to fear, and you don’t have to be a certain age or fitness level to reap the benefits of gym workouts.