Greg K. partakes in personal training with Simon Jeremy twice per week, as well as completing a personalised members program on his own on two other days during the week. Greg says “my original goal when I signed up was to increase my fitness level and get rid of some weight off my waist. I used to be active until my late 20’s where my work life took over. I used to experience shortness of breath and got puffed very easily”. Like many others, Greg was very time poor. He would work 50+ hours on what he considered a “short week”, and 100 hours on a longer week. That’s enough to cause major problems for anyone. His life balance was inconsistent. “I used to go to a chain gym over in Sylvania after work one or two days a week, which only lasted about 6 months” Greg claims. Fellow Live Well member, Anne, mentioned Live Well and their services to Greg and from then on, he hasn’t looked back.

Even his wife, Elaine, had a part in pushing him to join. Greg admits “I was annoyed when I used to look down at my stomach, I didn’t like it. I now feel so much better about myself”. Greg mentioned that the thing he likes most about working with Simon and Live Well is the discipline behind the approach, the different exercises he does, being picked up on certain technical errors, the emphasis on safety, the ability to pull back on his intensity when needed, the added motivation, and the personalities he encounters. “My best advice to those looking to join Live Well is to communicate with the staff. They help with your nutrition and support you in every way”. Greg’s progress is tracked every 4 weeks along with new goals being set.