I returned to Livewell in September this year after some time away so that I could attend to some health issues. On my return I was introduced to a new trainer Suhanni, who I was told was an Excercise Physiologist and would be great for me due to my health issues. I suffer from a form of arthritis, fibromyalgia, daily headaches, migraines and high blood pressure. What does this mean pain, fatigue and headaches on a daily basis. I have flares which can come at any time with little warning, there doesn’t appear to be specific indicators that start a flare. This was explained to Suhani, she was also shown X-rays of my spine which has issues of its own… and my training began.

By the end of the first three weeks I felt a difference, this stiffness in my body was going and I knew that I had more energy. More importantly, where I would usually have 3-4 flares a month, I hadn’t had any at all within the time I’d been back at training. In fact in the two months I’ve been back at training I’ve had 1 flare. I feel 100% on what I did at the beginning of the year and certainly think I have a spring in my step and I’m very thankful to Suhani for her patience and diligence. On an additional note I recently had some serious medical tests done, which I had spoken to Suhani about. The supportive messages I received from her kept my spirits up and were so appreciated. It is lovely to feel that you are cared about and not just another ‘client’. Thank you to Suhani and the Livewell Team.