I joined Live Well back in January with no expectations, just a plan to get out of the house while I was studying for exams and working shift work full time in the middle of the pandemic.

I hoped getting out the bare minimum of 2 half an hour sessions per week would be enough of an achievement to keep my mental health in a good place. LiveWell and my trainer Pat have been friendly, understanding and I never feel judged whether I’m enthused for a session or tired. When I explained my goals were purely mental health related, no pressure was put on me for reaching set points in reps or body goals.

I focused on strength exercises and halfway through the year felt good enough mentally to start focusing on eating a whole food plant based diet. By creating these new habits and the friendly environment Livewell provides I have lost over 10 kilos in a sustainable fashion and seeing what I have achieved really helps me mentally as I feel like I’m moving in a forward direction. Every time the scale stalls I think it is because of the muscles I’m building, not evidence of failure.

Thanks Pat and the team!