Since starting at Live Well I have lost over 13kg, increased my overall fitness level helping me get back onto the netball court and complete a 35km walk for charity. I have more energy, confidence and feel a lot happier in body and mind along with an increase in motivation, improved eating habits and increase in regular physical activity. I am most proud about the determination I have gained in knowing I am able to achieve my goals. I am now receiving compliments about my weight loss and how healthy and fit I am looking. Working with Chris has provided a laid back approach to exercise creating a fun environment whilst still being active and having fun. He puts up with me, does all the counting (haha), pushes me, manages to make me laugh and keeps me accountable with weekly messages. I highly recommend working with the team at Live Well, all you need is an hour a week to reach your goals. Live Well Health & Fitness Studio, Kogarah