Turning 50 I know a few people who have struggled with this birthday however it really is just another birthday and a new stage of life. Over the past few weeks several of my family and friends have asked “How do you feel about turning 50?” Maybe there was supposed to be some cloud over my head!!! My answer to this question ‘Well honestly I feel fitter and healthy than I did when I turned 40”. This is thanks to you guys. Yes, I know I made the decision to join the gym (after many years in exercise hibernation) but through all my ups and downs over the past few years you have been very patient and supportive of my training.  You always ensure that programs are just right for everyone and your compassion is reflected in your members feeling more like friends.  Five years ago I had no idea, or intention for that matter, that I would participate in the City2Surf again but I did thanks to you.