Before I started training with Livewell I was so unfit and had issues with back pain and tight muscles, this was a real concern for me as I am only 24. I started training with Matt and everything changed straight away. My fitness improved like you could not believe. My recovery time improved session after session. Matt knew my weaknesses and helped me to get past them so that I can work towards running a marathon again. I always found it hard to train getting bored after a few weeks however Matt makes every session different and we are always working towards a goal rather than just doing exercises.

Training is hard work, and sometimes I feel like I can’t do it, but just when I say ‘I can’t do it’ Matt is there to remind me that I can….and then I do! One of my objectives when I began training with Matt was to learn to enjoy training again…and guess what….I have! I cannot wait for each training session now, and am super keen to go better and harder each time.   If you are looking for a trainer to support you, who will plan your sessions so you don’t have to worry, who knows your weaknesses and strengths from the start, who can work around any injuries you have, who will push you but will also guide you and who will make you eager for your next session because you have become addicted to training…. then Live Well Fitness is for you!