Where do I start about Live Well? I guess that I have been a member for the best part of 9 years goes a long way to expressing how I feel about the studio. The trainers have always been helpful, friendly and in my case, they have become friends. I am not some gym junkie or fitness addict. I do get that you should strive to move and be fit in a way that our lives are not really set up to do. It is refreshing to know that whatever your goals, objectives or reasons to attend a gym, Live Well staff, and the other members not only respect that motivation but actively support it. In those nine years, I have had a few health issues – heart issues (not exercise induced, rather the opposite), knee replacement (that was exercise induced, the injury happened long before I started at Live Well) and a range of colds, flu, aches and pains.

Through all of the above, the Live Well team have been not just supportive, but have gone out of their way to get me back into shape. My current goal is to do a half marathon (slowly) next year, I have an ongoing program that is just for me and gets adjusted as I improve and get that core and leg strength back. Oh, and did I mention that the team at Live Well not only help your physical fitness, they also challenge your mind and senses with articles and discussion on fitness methods, nutrition and the importance of sleep. You should join in events and holidays that the Live Well team organise. So nine years of fun and challenge completed, I intend to be going to Live Well for many more years. I will see you at the studio.