The Secret To True Motivation

The first step… is how bad you want it.

It’s a cliche phrase, but it’s true. We get asked all the time “how do I stay/get motivated?”. It’s not a simple “do this, do that” answer.

It’s a burning desire within your heart and soul to change and improve as a person. The need to live a different day-to-day life. To be so sick and tired of being sick and tired. To be so frustrated by a problem, that the only solution is to adopt that new lifestyle and change.

A lot of the time, results are what keeps/gets you motivated. But in order to initially get results, you have to adhere to a stricter schedule, chip away at little steps in your lifestyle and execute plans. There is often a “have to” not “want to” mentality to be applied. Do you brush your teeth every morning? Of course. Because you “have to”.

Sometimes fear plays a part as well. Fear of growing old and unhealthy. Fear of not being able to play with the kids anymore. Fear of not fitting into certain clothes.

Point is, we’re all motivated differently.

Is it unhappiness that gets you going? Are you depressed and lifeless? This is a trickier one. For a lot of people, this is where it’s harder to get started and get moving. Being so much in our comfort zone that we aren’t able to break free from. If it’s something truly tearing your life apart and holding you down, it’s often important to seek help. Psychologists are trained to help you from the inside out.

So, how are you motivated? Do you need to change? At Live Well Kogarah, we understand we all have problems. Consult with us and let’s set a plan to help you overcome your fears and help you truly unlock what’s inside. Motivation is the key to your health and fitness success after all…

Simon Jeremy
Studio Manager
Live Well Health & Fitness Studio