Penny Tsallos

Live Well Fitness was referred to me through a family member. I was both dubious and cautious at first given my past experiences with Personal Trainers. My medical history reads like a rap sheet and to say I pose a challenge is an understatement. What impressed me the most was the time my trainer took to research my conditions and to design a resistance programme that could accommodate my restrictions. Sure there has been lots of fine tuning and over the last couple of years but the results have been good. What really though is a testament to the team’s professionalism, knowledge and influence they have had on me, came during my self isolation due to COVID19. I became complacent in the early weeks, eating, drinking etc, add in the numerous medical appointments and the psychological impact, my weight ballooned.

During this time Matt continued checking in to see how I was doing, I started paying more attention to Live Well’ Fitness’s social media blogs and their advice and sounding had an epiphany. Through my complacency I was letting down not only my trainer and all that he had done for me but I was letting myself down. I took ownership, which is one of the core values of Livewell Fitness.I drew on everything that the team had taught me, changed my mindset, eating habits, started a cardio workout and reminded myself of how self-disciplined I am. 4 months later I am back in the gym, fitter and 14kgs lighter. Livewell Fitness is not only a gym. It is a community that looks after each other. The trainers may be task masters but they are our mentors and friends.