Dianne B. of South Hurstville was presented to Live Well seeking a personal training studio where she could strengthen her right knee and improve her overall fitness. Her knee was affecting her ability to exercise and she was concerned that this would lead to a decline in her overall health. These had been goals for Dianne for the past 18 months and she had been seeing a physiotherapist in an attempt to improve her knee prior to attending Live Well. “I originally heard about Live Well from my physio, she recommended doing exercise as it could benefit my knee” Dianne says. “I had been attending the physio and had done Pilates and walked a lot in the past, I didn’t want my knee to get in the way of this, especially as I had a holiday planned with lots of walking involved.” Dianne explains “I was feeling apprehensive about starting at Live Well, I thought nothing would work to make my knee better!” Having now been at Live Well working with Niall for over 6 months Dianne says, “The staff are extremely professional and friendly; I initially thought that personal training was not for someone like me, however it has really helped me. I now feel much better about myself and my knee, I have definitely noticed the improvement”.