I have always hated the gym. I always enjoyed walking/cycling/ping pong/swimming/tennis and squash but absolutely loathed everything about the gym. Then I was diagnosed with cancer. By the end of that journey I had gone from a happy, healthy late middle aged woman to an absolute cripple as the post surgery treatment had left me unable to even wash my own back in the shower. When I read about Matthew’s gym in The Leader, situated at Rockdale at that time, I knew that I needed to seek guidance if I wanted to resume a life worth living. And, as expected, I totally hated it right from the start and by the end of every session I was so exhausted it would take me half an hour to negotiate the stairs to the carpark on top of Target. But I stuck to it and learned many things about myself, the main one being that I really wanted to be fit and healthy again to enjoy life. I also learned that Matthew can’t count.

He may most definitely be the most charming, clever, manipulative and inspiring trainer ever, but he can’t count. And although I constantly argue with him, I absolutely adore him and I am still there hating every minute 11 years later. In the mean time my whole family is now part of the LiveWell Family as well and being inspired by his personality and genuine belief that we can all be better than we ever suspected if we just give it a go. Thank you Matt. Sue Pursell