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Live Well is a boutique Personal Training studio that was established in 2006 in Kogarah and is led by industry expert Matt Mazzaferro. The ‘Results Based’ personal training studio is excited to open a second studio in Bondi Junction.  

The new studio has a strength and functional space that will allow the friendly coaches to follow the LIFT, SPRINT and PLAY philosophy. This will also ensure the clients receive a 5 star service, BUT also guaranteed results. We don't sell gym memberships so numbers are capped, to ensure it's never too crowded and you never wait for equipment.

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85% VIP Foundation Offer* includes

  • ‘1 on 1’ Personal Training sessions with one of our experienced and friendly coaches.
  • The sessions are 30minutes or 60minutes '1 on 1' PT sessions where we show you the best combination of strength, aerobic and mobility exercises needed to achieve and maintain your optimum body shape and energy levels.
  • During each session, we provide you with dietary support and accountability to get off to a flying start.
  • The lifestyle and nutrition support teaches you the very latest scientifically proven training principles + meal options and much more.
  • First, we take you through a thorough 1hour health discovery session, movement screen and program design to tailor an exercise program to your needs.
  • This Offer is limited to the first 50 people!


  • Access to the members-only Facebook group
  • Super Saturday 1hr class
  • Access to our online courses
  • Nutritional E-book

Good News!

  • During your sessions, there are no ‘old school’ pushy salespeople, like other gyms.
  • There are no ‘cookie-cutter programs designs or 18-year-old trainers trying to prove something and kill you in week one!
  • We are not a franchise, so we have the flexibility to create a unique program to suit any age, work schedule or budget.
  • We have our own non-intimidating boutique fitness studio.

Simply complete the form on the right or contact us at or call 0451 506 843.

One of our friendly Coaches will call you within 24hours to book your initial discovery session and discuss what you want to achieve.

Congratulations on taking the first and hardest step in your health and fitness journey – we really look forward to meeting you 🙂



Kogarah Bay
15.6kgs loss in 12 months



Improved respiratory
8.7kgs loss in 12wks



HR manager
Hurstville Grove
22kg weight loss in
12 months



Business Owner
Sans Souci
14kgs weight loss
in 12 months



* 1 Per Person 



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Revealed - The only 3 exercises you need

Revealed - The only 3 exercises you need

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Revealed - The only 3 exercises you need

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A step-by-step guide to a healthier and happier life starting from now.

*we don't share your personal details with anyone