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Online training is designed to give you the same accountability, education and support of a face-to-face personal trainer, wherever you are around the world!

Don't have access to a gym? No problem. Our online trainers are able to create home workout plans just for you and your goal. If you do have access to your own gym, even better! We can create a workout plan for you based on what equipment you have available to you.

Online training is perfect for those who have a base understanding of exercise and movement, but need direction and specific advice to get to a specific goal.


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Your transformation starts here!
We build your perfect program tailored just for you.


Working with a Personal Trainer removes all the guesswork from your training program.
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All you need to do is turn up for your appointment dressed in your work out gear and our friendly trainers will take care of the rest.
  • Support

    You Are Not Alone Anymore: Going it alone doesn’t work, Fitness Together does!We educate, support and guide you every step of the way.

  • Motivation and Efficiency!

    We know how to get you going FAST and keep you going, so the results come quickly and We know you’re busy, we get you in and get you out, at your convenience, so you can continue with your day.

  • Customisation

    Your program is created and personalised for YOU, based on what YOU need, ensuring YOU reach YOUR goals quickly and with 100% certainty! Its all about YOU!

  • Structure & Consistency

    Let's face it, this is where the breakdown almost always occurs. We keep you on track, moving forward, so you see and feel the results quickly. Trained by certified, highly trained fitness and weight loss EXPERT.



Dianne B. of South Hurstville was presented to Live Well seeking a personal training studio where she could strengthen her right knee and improve her overall fitness. Her knee was affecting her abilit...


Working full-time in corporate, 2 kids, husband and the general household maintenance... well let’s just say that I didn’t make any time for me and my health suffered. I was at my heaviest at the...

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It was a first class fundraiser and the latest in a long line of fundraising activities Matthew and his supporter have held over the last few years to raise funds for charities like Variety, the Heart...


I joined Live Well about 8 months ago with the 6 weeks challenge. I had been thinking about getting to gym and start a healthy lifestyle for a while before I came to live well but never really did it....

Revealed - The only 3 exercises you need

Revealed - The only 3 exercises you need

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Revealed - The only 3 exercises you need

An amazing read!

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*we don't share your personal details with anyone

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