Fat loss and what YOU need to do!

Losing fat is not easy. If it were easy everyone would be fit and healthy. We are all busy individuals in this crazy world. Everyone needs to work, so how come some people do it better than others? The issue that comes up is human habit and comfortability. Keep in mind that this does not apply to everyone, some people work 40-50 hours/week which makes it a lot harder to get into the gym, however, you can still make it work! 

It is easy to sit on the couch and watch television whilst eating ice cream, on the other hand, it requires huge mental fortitude and hard work to bring your heart to 170 BPM on the assault bike after a long day of work (the positives to this is better sleep and appetite i.e. the more you exercise the more you can eat! If you love food like myself, this is a massive bonus). The first couple of steps towards fat loss include:

  1. Make time. Just do something! 10-15 minutes of jogging/walking, a little bit of yoga/balancing work, cooking healthy meals. Actively working towards better health and your goals. All these activities would stimulate the release of endorphins, accelerate your metabolism i.e., your fat burning capabilities.  Remind yourself of your goals, why you started and ask yourself how committed you are to your own health. A couple examples of easy things to get the ball moving: 
  • 4 minute Tabata workout in your living room
  • Yoga and bodyweight workouts at home – learning new skills and progressions
  • 15-20 minute walk around the block with a family member, pet or by yourself!
  1. Do not overindulge – it is one thing to treat yourself occasionally, not everyone is perfect and having a break from calorie restriction does provide some benefits. However, over-indulging or over-eating can get out of control quickly. If you are finding yourself overeating more than 30% of the time, take note and take steps to control it. A good tip is to eat until you are satisfied – not until you are full. It is important to enjoy foods in moderation and always have an image of your goals in mind.
  2. Commit! Fat loss is easy when you are committed. Spending time being active is  no longer a chore and you will enjoy the process more as you get stronger and slimmer. Furthermore, if you find that the gym is not for you, you can always play sports or find a physical hobby to pursue – martial arts, basketball, soccer, gymnastics, Pilates, yoga etc. 
  3. Stick with it! If you have never trained before, you will start seeing results after 2-4 weeks. Stick with it, trust the process and the results will come. If you have a target weight, make sure that you commit yourself to whatever it takes to get to your goals. You can always maintain afterwards, but now is time to push your limits and break free from the unhealthy trap, whether it be physical or mental barriers.
  4. Enjoy the process! Enough said.