One of the reasons I’m so passionate about primal health and fitness is that it provides a lens for better understanding our behavior in the crazy modern world. 

Human beings evolved in a natural environment where physical activity was a necessity—not something we did for 30 minutes three times a week.

We had to be active to acquire food, build shelter, and protect ourselves from predators and neighbouring tribes. 

So, like most animals, over time, we evolved a natural development to conserve energy when we were not engaged in one of these essential activities. 

In our primal environment, that inherent “laziness” was a survival advantage. It ensured that we had enough energy when we needed it most.

But today, this laziness backfires!!!

Most of us no longer need to be physically active to eat, work, or have a roof over our heads. As a result, many people living in the modern world are sedentary for most of the day. 

And our natural tendency to conserve energy means that even though we know we should get some exercise, we often don’t want to!

Understanding this is key. 

Once you know that your “laziness” is a hard-wired biological survival mechanism, rather than a personal failing (so don’t be so hard on yourself). Once you come to peace with this you can learn strategies to overcome it and be more successful in building the habit of being more active. 

Some simple tips are; 

  • Block out the time in your calendar /diary, just like any other important appointment. 
  • Keep it simple. I’ll be the first to admit the fitness industry confuses things with all the bells and whistles and variety out there. 
  • Lift twice per week 
  • Sprint once per week 
  • Play often

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Stay strong, 

Matt Mazzaferro